Nanoscale Thermal Radiation Laboratory

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National Science Foundation (NSF)



Current Project:


Completed Projects:



Department of Energy (DoE)


Current Project:

  • Tailoring Thermal Radiative Properties with Doped-Silicon Nanowires

Completed Project:

  • Measurement of Near-Field Thermal Radiation between Flat Surfaces with a Nanogap, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Office of Basic Energy Sciences

  • Thermal Emission Control Using Modified One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Office of Basic Energy Sciences


Air Force Research Lab (AFRL, Dayton, OH)


Current Project:

  • Thermal Emission Control Using Nanostructured Materials, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, AFRL, Wright Patterson AFB, OH



National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)


Selected Projects:

  • Investigation of Optical Properties of Materials for Test Standards

  • Optical Property Modeling for the Emittance Standards Initiative

  • Advanced Optical Materials Properties Modeling for Rapid Thermal Processing

  • Development of Radiative Heat Transfer Tools for Semiconductor Processing

  • Thermal Modeling for Temperature Measurement in Rapid Thermal Processing

  • Thermal Analysis and Design of Cryogenic and Solar Radiometers

  • Thermal Modeling and Design of Pulsed UV Laser Calorimeters

  • Thermal Characterization of Cryogenic Radiometers and Measurement of Optical Properties

  • Thermal-Opto-Electrical Modeling of a Cryogenic Laser Radiometer

  • Development of Neutral Density Filters and Infrared Radiometers



Georgia Research Alliance Innovation Grant and Altea Therapeutics Corp.

  • Mechanism of Thermal Microporation of Skin Using a Hot-Filament Technology for Transdermal Drug Delivery (PI: Karlsson; co-PI: Zhang)



Char-Broil, LLC of Columbus, Georgia

  • Study of Radiative Heat Distribution from Multiple Sources in Food Cooking Appliances



TeraComm Research, Inc.

  • Radiative Property Modeling of High-Temperature Superconducting Films



Mattson Technology, Inc.

  • Radiative Property Measurements in Rapid Thermal Processing



Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Focused Research Program in Temperature and Thermal Property Measurements at Micro/Nano-scales



University of Florida

        Interdisciplinary Research Initiative Award

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